الدورات والكورسات

الدورات والكورسات التى تقدمها منظمة الاتحاد العالمى بالتعاون مع مؤسسة الامل البريطانيه
Module 1: The Basis of Addictive Disorders

Course 1.1. Neurobiology of Addiction

Course 1.2. Epidemiology of Addiction

Course 1.3. Cross-Cultural Aspects of Addiction

Course 1.4. Models of addiction and addiction cycle


Module 2: The Nature of Treatment

Course 2.1. Assessment of the Patient

Course 2.2. Models of Care

Course 2.3. Evolution in Addiction Treatment Concepts and Methods


Module 3: Drugs Addictions

Course 3.1. Alcohol: Management of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Course 3.2. Stimulants: Management of Cocaine and Methamphetamine

Course 3.3. Hallucinogens and Club Drugs

Course 3.4. Nicotine and Tobacco

Course 3.5. Benzodiazepines and Other Sedatives and Hypnotics

Course 3.6. Cannabis addiction

Course 3.7. Opioids : Neurobiology of Opiates and Opioids

Course 3.8. Opioids : Detoxification of Opioids

Course 3.9. Opioid Maintenance Treatment (methadone, Buprenorphine, Opioids Antagonists )


Module 4: Other Addictions

Course 4.1. Gambling Addiction

Course 4.2. Addiction of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid

Course 4.3. Food Addiction

Course 4.4. Sex addiction and Cybersex use

Course 4.5. Video-game and Internet Addiction

Course 4.6. Other Addictions: Shopping Addiction, Exercise Addiction, etc.



Module 5: Treatment Modalities

Course 5.1. Psychodynamics and defence mechanisms

Course 5.2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies

Course 5.3. Motivational Enhancement Therapies

Course 5.4. Peer Facilitated treatment

Course 5.5. Contingency Management Therapies

Course 5.6. Network Therapy

Course 5.7. Group Therapy

Course 5.8. Family Therapy

Course 5.9. Matrix Model

Course 5.10. Harm Reduction interventions

Course 5.11. Relapse prevention and cue Therapy

Course 5.11. Pharmacological Interventions and Prescription Drugs

Course 5.11. complementary and alternative treatments ( Acupuncture, Bio resonance, Etc)


Module 6: Alcoholics/ Narcotic Anonymous and Other 12-Step Programs

Course 6.1. The History of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Experiences of Patients

Course 6.2. Basics of AA/NA

Course 6.3. Psychological Mechanisms in Alcoholics Anonymous

Course 6.4. How to improve Outcomes from 12-Step and Other Self-Help Programs


Module 7: Treatment and Rehabilitation Settings

Course 7.1. Managing Inpatient Treatment (detox and early rehabitation)

Course 7.2. Managing Therapeutic Communities and halfway establishments

Course 7.3. Developing Community-Based care plans


Module 8: Managing Special Populations

Course 8.1. Managing Adolescent Substance Abuse

Course 8.2. Managing The Mentally Ill Substance Abuser (Dual Diagnosis)

Course 8.3. Managing Women with Addiction, Addict Mother and their infants

Course 8.4. Understanding blood borne infections (HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B/C)

Course 8.5. Pain and Addiction


Module 9: Special Topics

Course 9.1. Ethical Issues, confidentiality and Best Practice Guidelines

Course 9.2. Addiction in the workplace

Course 9.3. Addiction in Correctional Facilities and Forensic Addiction Psychiatry

Course 9.4. Testing to Identify Recent Drug Use

Course 9.5. Prevention of Substance Abuse and addiction